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Helping Choluteca Flood Victims – 11.15.18

November 16, 2018

Helping Flood Victims in a Special Way 11.15.18   Mike and Glenda, along with BBM staff and youth have returned to Choluteca to continue efforts to help the flood victims there. This time the focus is on water filtration for members of the police department there. If you can help with a donation for waters […]

BBM Satellite Boys Youth Group Report

November 7, 2016

“Our 2nd Satellite BBM Boys Youth Group” By: Michael J Miller Jr.                 Our 2nd satellite youth group that Carlos Romero is leading for BBM is copying the same footsteps that Glenda and I laid down 12 years ago when he was 12. Carlos took the boys to […]


Swing Report

April 6, 2011

{filelink=39} Glenda and I have been praying for years for an opportunity to come and the funds needed to provide the children of Rincon and the Venezuela School a play ground. In January we received an extra donation to use towards the schools. We prayed and knew that this was an answered prayer. Our youth […]

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