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By Michael J. Miller, Jr. 12/16/15

Coming to the end of the year is always fun but yet sad at the same time. Fun because we are busy with activities with our three older youth groups. Sad because we know that in a short time we will be saying good bye until next year.

Girl's Youth Group 2015

Girl’s Youth Group 2015


In this photo we celebrate our year together with our girls youth group. We spent the evening eating pizza at Pizza Hut, joking and throwing paper balls at each other as you can see in the photo. We left and went to the mall to play bumper cars, video games and then watch a movie at our home.




Boy's Youth Group #2

Boy’s Youth Group #2

In the 2nd photo we spent a Sunday with our new satellite youth group that are 14 in total and ages are mainly 12yrs. with two 15 yr olds. These kids remind us when we first started with our youth group. They have tons of energy and lots of curiosity in how far they can push the limits. All in all they are growing spiritually and Carlos is doing a great job. Glenda has been participating every Thursday night to help out Carlos in his Bible study. They also meet twice a week for Bible study. This is our plan for the years to come. It is to take our current boys youth group and make them leaders and start satellite groups in different communities.


Last group of 2015 graduates

Last group of 2015 graduates

The 3rd photo is our last graduation for 2015. This is Javier who is brother of Carlos, Christian, and Jiro. All 4 brothers have participated or currently are in our boys youth group. BBM also has graduated from High School Carlos, Christian and now Javier. Javier will be starting College the 5th of January while we are in the States. Jiro is a secret service agent for the President of Honduras. Even when he is working he still hugs me like he was younger. His fellow officers smile when they see him like that.



Thanksgiving 'family' gathering

Thanksgiving family gathering

The last photo is a family photo on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone got dressed up to eat, have fun, and do many photo shoots around the new mission house. We were missing a few due to illness that is going around but we are truly blessed to have this picture to end the year.

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