2016 Graduates

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2016 Graduates

by Michael M. Miller, Jr.










(Special note: The school year in Honduras runs from February through November)

In the top left photo is part of our 12th grade graduating class for 2016. We are graduating 24 this year in total. One of our largest groups that BBM has graduated. This will bring our total of 90 young men and women who have graduated since 2011. One student Jennifer Nicoll Fugon who we picked up in 1st grade is graduating this year and will entering our College Sponsorship Program to study and become a public school teacher. More than half of this graduating group is in the top of their class caring a 95% average or better. From this group of graduates we will be graduating students from 3 different schools.

As well we will be graduating 2 students from INFOP technology school (similar to our BOCES). One in Bio-medics which repairs machines that the hospitals use like x-ray, heart monitors etc. The other will be graduating from electricity-electronics. This will bring our total of 4 students that have graduated from technology school in the last 4 years.

The government changed the law from giving a graduation certificate to 6th graders to now 9th graders by eliminating the 6th grade graduation certificate. The reason is to promote the students to not drop out of school. So we will be graduating 36 9th grade students that will receive a diploma. We want to thank all those who support this ministry and sponsor a child because it is helping all these children reach their goals, complete something in their lives, and also to be able to continue on with their education or become a working citizen of Honduras.

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