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“Our 2nd Satellite BBM Boys Youth Group”

By: Michael J Miller Jr.


Boys Satellite Youth Group #2 from Fuerzas Armadas School. Led by Carlos Romero.


For most of the boys it was there first time at the water park.









Our 2nd satellite youth group that Carlos Romero is leading for BBM is copying the same footsteps that Glenda and I laid down 12 years ago when he was 12. Carlos took the boys to a water park to have fun and blow off steam. One the great pleasures we have is listening to the boys tell how this is their first time at a park; and for the majority of these boys this it was their first time. All 17 young men worked hard in selling food at the Fuerzas Armadas grade school every Saturday just like our original older youth group.



In the center of this picture is Ben Holton,, BBM Missionary, having fun with the youth.






In this photo is Ben Holton who is a BBM missionary and working hard with the youth.




Grateful recipients of the boys tithe. The boys are being “Jesus with skin on”.

Another project our 2nd satellite youth group is doing is taking a tithe from their Saturday food sales to help three families that have no food and practically nothing else.They are helping the elderly as seen in the bottom photo. The elderly in Honduras suffer a lot because they usually don’t have a retirement and depend mostly on their families to support them. If they don’t have children or family members to support them, they starve or depend on neighbors to support them. Our youth group is helping them out with food and basic needs like soap and toilet paper. We are very proud of our youth groups and how they are reaching out to help their neighbors and they are also learning what it means to be Disciples of Jesus.


Here the boys are preparing their gift for the elderly.

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