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The New Border Buddies Mission House

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Friday, May 29, 2015 by Mark Erway, Vice President

IMG_3326Dear Friends, we were able to make the commitment to purchase the property next door. The house is larger, the cost was less than the current home was going to cost, the terms more agreeable and the owner greeted each Mike, Glenda and each of the members of Team 32 with a hug, a kiss and a blessing “for what you are doing for Honduras”.

God has answered the prayer we have been offering up for a number of years. We’ve been renting and it has bothered us that the cost of renting was money that was simply gone after being spent. We didn’t feel that renting was the best use of the donations coming in and so we talked about building a house that we could multi-purpose, or buying the house we have been renting and making improvements to it, and in fact, after months of asking, the owner finally set some terms for us, but it was a very expensive proposition and so we continued to pray. Then the property right next door was  suddenly offered to Mike and Glenda. A tour of the facility quickly indicated that it was VERY acceptable. It is larger and has far more accommodations for mission teams than the current duplex. The terms were more than acceptable and God opened the doors wide. Will you join us in helping to assure that this mission home will be an outpost for God’s work in Honduras for years to come? Donations of any size, or a pledge to procure the house will help us. The purchase price of the home was $235,000, and of course, there were additional expenses for lawyers, taxes and some updates and repairs that the property needed. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for believing in Border Buddies. Sincerely, Mark Erway, Vice President

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