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by Michael J. Miller, Jr.  Р 3/23/15

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When we got back to Honduras our boys youth group began to ask when we could go to minister to the people in Comayagua. Just in the six weeks we have been back we have been to the Comayagua ministry twice so far and both have been a blessing to all of us and to them as well. The first trip we went out to visit the homes and to pray and help spiritually in any way we could. When we arrived there were many homes abandoned or closed with pad locks. We continued on in our groups of three to search out the people. We asked and many said that a large amount of families had to move because of the drought in that area (which is not good especially for this community that relies on farming to survive), also for the lack of work in the area as well. We continued to speak about the hope that can be found in Jesus and we encouraged many. Few families received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Heading back to the vehicles we started to share. Glenda said she found a woman beaten and heavily bruised. Glenda asked the woman what happened and she said, she did this to herself and that the voices commanded her to hit herself, run into the wall and start fights with others for no reason. While telling this to Glenda she was holding a newborn baby. My dad, Emily, and Ben witnessed all this and they listened as she told me that they prayed but the demons still remained in her. I said, the next time we come I will fast and pray and we will visit this lady to heal her in Jesus name. While saying this Glenda said, there she is and she is coming our way. We laid hands on the woman and prayed and while we were praying she started to cry and then started claiming victory in Jesus name! She was healed! She told the youth she felt the voices leave her and that she felt her soul cleansed and had a presence of LOVE  filling her.




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We went back two weeks later to help with clothing and school supplies and found this woman praising the Lord. What an impact on the entire group. The 2nd visit we were excited to have purchased three tents for revival and so we used one to help hand out clothes. What motivated us is seen in the top two photos. What we heard was not just the lack of work or the drought they were suffering but the need for clothes and school supplies so their children could have something to write on or write with. So the boys used their tithe from last year and they pitched in the rest to purchase 100 notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers and pencil sharpeners. It is amazing what need there is as you look at the long lines waiting for an outfit, or for school supplies and shoes. God is so good to allow all of us to be able to be a light in dark and dry place. We are planning to go on Palm Sunday to hold a tent revival for this community and try to build a community of Christians and start building bible studies so they can grow in their faith. Please continue to pray for this work and for these people. What these people need is water filters to clean the water they are drinking from hand dug wells that are filled with mud. With our May team we will be able to help a few families with filters. So pray for help in this area as well.

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