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Update on Boys’ Youth Group

by Michael J. Miller, Jr.  – September 2014

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The last update we sent to all of you was back in April. Our boys youth group have been on a Spiritual walk that has been full of growth and experience. Their work in the mountains of La Tigre national park has been a powerful one. They are now going to homes and asking for prayer needs and are praying with them as seen in the top photo. One amazing thing has happened to these 19 young men. They experienced a Baptism like no other. They were in prayer one night on a Tuesday and the Holy Spirit came upon them just like it has come upon our teams. It all started with us desiring to know more of God and his will for their lives. I looked as many were waiting with their eyes shut and their lips moving but also with an expression on their faces as in saying I want to feel you God. I started to lay hands on each one and an anointing came upon them in feeling warmth, peace, love, tears of joy and their bodies would tremble with an anointing from God. The entire group has been transformed and has a desire to grow spiritually. What is up and coming for them now? Well they are studying their spiritual gifts so they can be more effective in preaching and teaching. Also they are now exploring a place in Comayagua a town about 1 ½ hours north from Tegucigalpa. They visited a town of squatters. People who have been forced out of their homes by the government for a new highway. They are planning on helping the 200+ families with clothes, shoes, soap, vitamins, coloring books and crayons. Also they plan on giving sermons during the day. While visiting this community one grandmother asked for prayer and cried as she felt the Holy Spirit and praised God for the hope seen in these young men. God has some amazing things in store for the future for these men. Please pray for this group and us as we minister to this community the hope that is found in Jesus. Besides all of the serious work they are doing they are finding the time in between teams to have some fun. On the first page of this newsletter the 3 photos are from a walk the group took in the mountains of Honduras called Pana Cam. This trail is straight up extreme walking. The trail is 5.1 miles long. The 3rd photo is half way to the summit. The summit is higher than the clouds. However when you get that high you couldn’t see anything. There were lots of cascades to go swimming in. During the trip the boys were able to see wild life and trails and a den where a Puma was living.


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On this page top photo is our group playing paint ball war. They spent 3 hours and 6,000 rounds of paint in trying to beat the other team. In the 2nd photo they went to Wonder Land Water Park 4 hours north to ride the water rides, swim the river that runs inside the park and take advantage of the 4 swimming pools. The 3rd photo is our group celebrating birthdays. The tradition in Honduras is to hit the person celebrating their birthday with eggs, then with sand and then with gravel or mud. In all seriousness we celebrate the birthdays because most of the families can’t afford to and so ignore the idea of celebrating so we always try to make the day extra special for each of them. Finally the last photo. We just went camping for 2 days at a park about 1hour south and wanted to play baseball. While playing baseball we had a herd of cattle walk through the middle of our game. Luckily we didn’t hit one with the ball. It was funny to witness this as I thought about the states. You would never see this at home. You would think we are tired, well actually a little. But the youth are active and are learning how to be Acts 2:42-45 Christians. “They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.” Youth can change and they can change the world, by Faith!

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