FIRST FRUITS – September 2017

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“You shall bring the very first of the first fruits of your soil into the house of the LORD your God.” Exodus 34:26a


Fruits 1

I am holding the papaya that is ready to eat. The first fruit offered back to the ministry. We can only imagine what will come when all the trees are full grown and producing fruit.

Unbelievable! Just last year we planted 538 fruit trees in the “squatters community” to help feed the people instead of looking for a hand out. In the beginning of the year the community had their homes destroyed by a politician who wanted the land for profit. But none of the trees nor wells were touched by the destruction. Since then the community has been promised by the President of Honduras that the land will be marked out and papers are being drawn up to give the people their plots of land!! While I was preaching at our tent church, one lady, we call them the carpenter family, asked for a ride to her home with her children. Javier and I said, “Yes”. When we arrived her husband who 2 years ago said he wouldn’t have anything to do with church or change greeted me with a hug and said, “Pastor I have something to give you”.

One of the trees that was donated and planted

One of the trees that was donated and planted

He led us to their Papaya tree. He said, “This is the tree you gave us last year and now I want to give you the first fruits from this tree”. We were emotional as he walked us around his property looking at the fruit trees we gave him. He said the trees are growing well and he is going to take seed from the fruit and plant it in the ground to harvest more trees.








This is one of our house churches.

House church

House church

Every other Sunday we have church and the 60 plus come every time. Javier takes the children with him to have Sunday School and I give the preaching to the Sisters and Brothers of the faith. Unfortunately the photo couldn’t capture everyone as they sit it the trees for shade and on rocks because we don’t have enough seats.


Our group that sits behind us in the shade. Can’t blame them

Our group that sits behind us in the shade. Can’t blame them.









Solar lights

Solar lights

Solar lights are still being handed out. They have been a HUGE help to the community. We handed out 4 lights per house to give adequate light for the children to study. We are still short solar lights and we will keep praying for this provision.

We want to thank Higher Hope Church, Al Erickson and the May team for this donation!!

Many thanks to all of you for donating and planting the fruit trees last year while participating on one of our construction teams. Our Victory Highway teams we are truly blessed by you!!!

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