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It’s Time for a Bigger Van for our Youth Groups

and for our Mission Teams. We need your help.

March 29, 2016

Part of our Boys Youth Group - ready for futbol

Part of our Boys Youth Group – ready for futbol

Please join Border Buddies Ministries in the effort of fundraising for a new 18 passenger van that will allow more room for the larger mission teams and help with the growing youth groups. Currently, the Border Buddies van that we use can hold 15 North Americans (using a shoehorn) and is squeezing in 20 to 21 Honduran youth. The van that the Ministry is fundraising for will hold 18 North Americans and will easily hold 20 plus Honduran youth. The van cost $55,000, and it will be purchased in Honduras. Border Buddies Ministries is striving to fundraise the total amount by the end of the year.

Now that's a tight squeeze. Anyone for a sardine??

Now that’s a tight squeeze. Anyone for a sardine??

Michael and Glenda’s youth groups are growing each year. Michael’s youth group has at least twenty young men and Glenda’s youth group has eight young ladies. Michael’s youth group, for the past two years, has been evangelizing in a squatter’s community near Comayagua, which is an hour outside of Tegucigalpa. Currently, to compensate for the lack of space when the boys and the girls travel there they have to hire a driver with a van. The ride to Comayagua is a tight ride because each van is maxed out.


Imagine a van that should be maxed out at fifteen is holding twenty plus youth. Every Wednesday night the boys go and play soccer for three hours and Michael squeezes all of his boys plus himself in the van. With the new van there would be more room and it would much more safe for the boys and Michael on Wednesday nights to travel back and forth.

Nice selfie guys!

Nice selfie guys!

The need for a new van is great. Please consider helping Border Buddies Ministries to raise funds for an important addition to the ministry. The van will also help cut costs from not having to hire a driver with a van. This van is a focus for the ministry this year, and with your help, we can make it a reality! Allow God to speak to you about donating.


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