Medical Team 7 Preparations

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September 23, 2019. Tegucigalpa.

Medical Team #7, headed up by Dr. Robert Armstrong will be in Honduras from September 26 through October 12. Transportation for all the team members and their equipment and supplies always required hiring extra vans and trucks, but we have a great new utility truck and our people-mover of a van, which is going to make a lot of difference this year.

Michael says, “We did the impossible! It used to take three Dodge Ram trucks to haul all the medical equipment and now only one new truck. We are so thankful. This will save money and time from renting busses to go to Comayagua to transport the medical equipment. Praise Jesus!!!”

All of this, and more, is going to fit in there, isn’t it??
Gotta have a plan to utilize every square inch of space..
Michael’s capable assistant (one of the youth group members) is such a great help.
Must be there’s an opening to the roof!!??
All sorts of items for the medicos and the people.
Utilizing every square inch….
Starting to look like it’s going to happen.
Uh-oh, “Dilly” the missionary dog is trying to hide in one of the containers.
He wants to help, too!
Well there you have it. Might be some room for another package of band aids…
Thank you Lord for all the people who donated to the new truck.
It is a real work-horse and VERY much appreciated.

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