Mountain Preaching – 9/27/17

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A trip that started out with just handing out water filters turned into “Changing water into Wine”

by Michael J. Miller, Jr.

Mountain 1One day at the 21st of October High School Pastor Giron asked me if we had water filters left. “We do”, I replied. The only thing we need is the buckets and God provided that for us. Giron went on to explain that the Baptist church has two churches in the mountains toward the south of Honduras and they are in desperate need of clean water and Bibles. So we planned on taking a trip out there. Glenda, Pastor Giron, Carlos, Cristian (who lives with us), Ben and I traveled 3 1/2 hours in the mountains with the Dodge where no vehicles can go and only horses can get through. Mountain 2But they didn’t count on a “Ram” Dodge Ram that is. When we arrived the crowds of people started to come. What we had to give was 42 water filters, 48 Bibles, 300 coloring books with crayons, 400 tooth brushes and tooth paste, 40 solar lights, Tracts that I printed at home (100) and we had our healing oil in pocket and Bibles in hand. The people kept coming and the hosting Pastor started to play music as seen in the photo.


Mountain 3We had over 250 people singing and praising the Lord. What we had was a revival on our hands. The Pastor in the mountains asked if I had a message to speak to the people. I spoke on the anointing of the Holy Spirit and guided them through Genesis, then to John 4 and the Hebrews 12. I spoke on uncovering the wells of the Holy Spirit like Jacob did and how Jesus offered wells of living water to the Samaritan woman, and in Hebrews how the Holy Spirit can consume us. (Man in black shirt on far right in the picture is the guest Pastor, man in orange is Pastor of the 2nd visiting church in the mountains where vehicles can not go.)


Mountain 4Mountain 5The seed was planted but I felt we needed to wait on the Lord to manifest himself with the people and let the seed sprout. So we started handing out our donations to everyone.






Mountain 6


Towards the end I felt the presence of God in the church. The people changed as well. So I asked Giron to announce if anyone would like to receive Jesus as their Savior or if they would like healing to come forth. Then 60 plus people all moved forward. I started anointing and praying over each individual person because I wanted it to be intimate and I knew in my heart that there were some who wanted Jesus in a profound way. Four received Jesus as their Savior. The anointing came over the people with shaking, tears of joy and relief and many walked away healed in the name of Jesus!!! The pastors were in a corner praying and confirming what was going on. 3 hours passed and the anointing was incredibly strong. So strong I went behind the church and looked to Heaven and cried for gratitude in what just happened.


Being obedient and waiting for the Presence of God has been lost and forgotten in our world today because of the hurry up approach in life and in our Church gatherings. My prayer is for Jesus to show up in our Bible studies, Church gatherings, at home in your personal devotion and maybe while you are reading this right now. If you feel it then just bow your head and allow Jesus to fill your cup and bless you with His presence. You will feel it from your head to your toes. Electricity all over will overcome you and it is amazing. God Bless you!!! We love you!!!


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