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by Michael Miller, Jr.

Glenda and I, along with our Board of Directors want to say “thank you” for all the donations towards the purchase of a new roof for the BBM Mission House!!!!!

Mike on the roof

Mike on the roof

New roof 3

New anti-termite treated wood for the roof

New roof 2

Removing the old roof











In the top photos we removed all the old roofing. What we encountered were more problems. We had to add more wood to the roof as seen in the 3rd photo. Plus we treated the entire roof with an anti-termite treatment. Then we had to chip away old concrete that was not needed any more.


Wiring mess

Wiring mess

What we also encountered was a huge wiring mess. All the light fixtures and wiring connections were not wire nutted nor in boxes. So we ran new wire and transferred all the connections to wire boxes and made sure that the wiring was safe. This major problem in reality is a blessing because the house could have caught fire and we would have lost everything. The Lord is good to us and we were able to make all the changes that was needed.


Wiring straightened out, roofing going on

Wiring straightened out, new roofing going on





In 12 days we were able to make all these changes and install the new roofing as seen below. The new roofing gives the house an old Spanish look but no more leaks. Praise the Lord!! We had 9 leaks in the old roof. We are currently repairing plaster, caulking windows, repainting the exterior of the house and also the interior where the water did damage. We are so excited and can’t wait until the teams see the remodeling done to the Mission house. Thank you again for supporting us and allowing us to complete this project!!

New roofing

New roofing looking real good

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