Back to School – February 2017

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BACK TO SCHOOL – February 2017

by Michael J. Miller, Jr.


Parents and students

We have turned our Mission Home into a small warehouse. Just so you will know how our first 4 weeks have been, this is what has transpired. On Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend in January, swe have all the sponsored children come to the Fuerzas Armadas and Venezeula Schools to sign contract for the year, receive letters to put on lay away uniforms, socks, shirts, sneakers and shoes. (All letters were typed and printed fro all 282 children 4 days prior to the signing.)


Sponsored child and family

Sponsored child and family

Also the parents and children receive talks in groups of 25 to instruct them of what our expectations are as a ministry and also if there are any changes in the year or information that is needed to be communicated. Then the students are excused and sent to the photographer which is me.





Back to school 1

School supplies

Eager parents and students

More school supplies

Back to school 5

Even more school supplies








Then they are sent to our 2 tailors where they are fitted for their gym uniform (all hand made) and students who are in grades 7-12 or in special schools are measured for their uniforms. Then comes the big push. We go out and purchase all the school supplies as seen in the photos.



Back to school 3

Mucho mas school supplies

We also pick up the lay away items and bring them all back to be separated, packed and labeled to what school each student is in. Remember we are in 14 schools. Each student has a different list of school supplies so each back pack is filled differently. In between this we are working on translating the written letters from the children to the sponsors and the picture frames are being finished and prepared for final shipment back to the states. Then in the last weeks of February we are purchasing all 7 text books for grades 7-12 and handing them out. Plus the uniforms are ready to be fitted and any making any changes so the child is fully equipped for school in 4 weeks flat. Oh there is lots more work being done during, after and for the rest of the year. Anybody tired?


Back to school 2

Backpacks and much more

This gives you an idea of what we as missionaries are doing besides the youth groups, Saturday youth group, trips to Comayagua to the squatters, and having meeting with the schools in making changes to better the education for the students. We are blessed to have 282 children but we would really like to hit the 300 marker. Why? It is not just a number for us but we have children waiting to be sponsored and wanting to study but need the help of from a sponsorship. Glenda and I take this very seriously. Personally we sponsor one private University student and one Public University student. Also we sponsor our Foster daughter Ana who is in 10th grade. We know that many of you who read this can start to pray and answer the call of God to sponsor a child so he or she can fulfill their dream.


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