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Lunch Program Update

September 3, 2010

{filelink=43} We had our meeting with the parents from the Barrio Rincon. It went well. We formed a plan that we think will work. The plan is that each child will have to pay $0.10 per week to receive the lunch program. The parents who work and can not help out in cooking the meals […]

Hard Times In The Barrio Rincon

September 3, 2010

{filelink=44} Many times we take for granted the life we have and the blessing of water. When we open the faucet water comes and we usually never have to worry if we are going to run out. In the Barrio Rincon the residents there went with out water for a straight 14 days. I mean […]

Boys Youth Group

September 3, 2010

{filelink=49} It is amazing that the word Truth and the lesson that I taught these young men has stuck in their minds. When we were talking and designing our shirts for 2010 they kept coming back to the theme of Truth. So they pulled out a photo that I printed for them this year that […]

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