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By Michael J. Miller, Jr.


Rincon Youth Group - the first group we started

Rincon Boys’ Youth Group – the first group we started

We wanted to introduce to you the 3 boys’ youth groups who are growing in number, in faith, in height, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. In this first photo like the other two photos we wish all were present. Many of our boys have been fighting the flu. This photo is of our original boys youth group. We have some that have been in the program for 12 years and others for 8 years, with the majority being in the program for 5 years. These boys actually started in our Saturday program and graduated to the older youth group. (Side note from Mark Erway – these boys know how to make french fries real well; and they have a new snack – Dunkin Donut on a corn dog on a stick. I tried one, just one. 35 Lempiras. Holy heart attack!)



The 2nd photo is of our 1st satellite youth group located at the Fuerzas Armadas School.

Fuerzas Armadas boys' youth group

Fuerzas Armadas Boys’ Youth Group









And the 3rd photo is introducing to you for the 1st time our 3rd satellite youth group that started in February of 2016 at the Santa Margarita School.

Santa Margarita Boys' Youth Group

Santa Margarita Boys’ Youth Group





Altogether we are reaching out to more than 50 boys plus our 6 girls in Glenda’s youth group. All four youth groups are taking the “I Matter Project” If you come to our home you will see photos of them on a wall displaying them in their natural way and at the bottom it says “I Matter”. This is becoming more and more of a problem with our youth and with adults. They don’t feel they matter in life and let alone they feel they don’t matter in God’s eyes. They are learning from talks like; “I am me”, ”I can speak my mind”, I can and will make a difference”, and so many more talks. The most important thing they are learning is that they are children of God. It has made a profound impact on their lives. Our prayer is that we can continue to take these talks and reach more and more youth. Our desire is to start this project in the 21st of October High School with hour long assemblies at the school in order to reach out to the 950 plus students. Please be in prayer with us as we work towards this.

We need your support at this time so that we can keep these young people going and growing. If you can, please give generously to BBM Youth Groups.

Thank you for supporting this ministry that is making this all happen in reaching out to the lost and broken.

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